Written by Jeremy Whitley
Art by Elsa Charretier, Megan Wilson
Published by Marvel Comics
Release Date: May 3, 2017


Nadia’s band of geniuses has assembled far faster than anticipated to tackle an immense problem: Ying has a bomb in her head.

Oh, and it’s going to explode in less than 24 hours.

Piece of cake, right? It just might be for this crew.

The Unstoppable Wasp is somehow managing to get better with each issue, and #5 is the best chapter yet. Whitley, Charretier and Wilson deliver the most charming group of characters in comics and tell this tale in a way that is dynamic, fun, and full of heart. I had a smile on my face from the first page of this comic to the last and I can say with confidence that this is one of the best comics being published today.

Jeremy Whitley is writing one of the most diverse, empowering comics in the Big Two. You want to talk STEAM? THIS COMIC IS STEAM IN COMIC BOOK FORM. We’ve got science, tech, engineering, art and math converging in comic filled with humour and I can hardly stand how much I love it. Whitley’s writing for each character is on point and unique so their personalities shine through. Nadia is a breath of fresh air in an industry that needs it each month. The pacing of the writing is perfect and you can feel the friendship in these words. There is no infighting in the group: Whitley is writing collaboration in a way that EVERYONE should be reading. It just bloody well makes me happy.

As much as Whitley is giving these characters unique voices, Elsa Charretier gives them each a visual style that makes them leap from the page. Each character is dynamic and owns the page in their own right, their personalities shining through in each panel. Charretier delivers some of the best artwork you will find in comics this week with issue #5 and she has shot up the ranks of my mental “favourite artists” lists. Her style brings a dynamic nature to this story that is fabulous and so much of the spirit and fun of The Unstoppable Wasp is because of her unique work.

Megan Wilson’s colour work sets a fun tone on the pages of this issue that enhances the artwork and makes it accessible. The colour work is light and fun, setting an immediate tone that is welcoming and makes readers feel like they are part of the crew. When Nadia gears up as Wasp, however, the colour work of her costume makes her own the page and I’ve been really impressed with her work in the entire series.

The best part about Unstoppable Wasp #5 isn’t just that all of these diverse elements are being delivered by the creative team, it’s that the team is telling an engaging story featuring all these elements. These characters are becoming fully fleshed out forces of nature and the problem they are working on is engrossing and I WANT TO READ MORE. This comic is fabulous. Unstoppable Wasp is amazing. Read this comic. You won’t be disappointed.

The Verdict: 10/10


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