Written by Robert Kirkman & Nick Spencer
Art by Shawn Martinbrough
Release Date: February 8, 2012

The newest creator owned venture from Robert Kirkman holds a lot of excitement from his name simply being associated with it. The collaborative process that has been described with concern to the writing and plotting of this title also piqued my interest early on, and this has been a highly anticipated title for me. While it delivers on a some fronts I find myself wanting more from this first issue. I’m not sure if it is simply how much story gets covered in the issue, or that I want more from the entire tale itself, but issue #1 just scratches the surface for me. After a first issue in a series I find typically want to know a lot more about a title than 3 simple things: this guy is a master thief, he has an apprentice, and he’s got a deal that’s about to go sour. The issue is not poorly written, the dialogue is interesting enough and the script flows well, it just never hooked me. After 22 pages I found myself wondering where the rest of the issue was, as it was so straightforward I started digging to find a curve ball somewhere. In a book called Thief of Thieves I expected quite a bit more twisting and turning, even from a first issue, and a lot less discussion about automotive security habits in North America.

The art in this issue is solid, Shawn Martinbrough uses shadows well throughout the issue to create some suspense. I would’ve liked to see some different layouts throughout the issue so that Martinbrough could really spread his wings. Page after page of 4 to 5 horizontal panels leads to a lot of choppy and smaller work, and there are virtually no larger panels to get an idea of what Martinbrough is capable of. I think this title is in solid artistic hands, it would just be nice to see them be able to really show off their skill.

Pros: The art is solid and the dynamic between Redmond and Celia should be a lot of fun.

Cons: Very predictable for a story about a master thief, though the meat of the title is most likely yet to come.

Verdict: 6.0/10


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