Review: THORS #3


Written by Jason Aaron
Art by Chris Sprouse, Goran Sudzuka
Published by Marvel Comics
Release Date: September 2, 2015

Welcome to The Thunder Room, Loki.

I highly doubt you need any more words than that to sell you on trying this comic out, but I’ll write some anyway. Jason Aaron’s masterful cop procedural continues with a tag team of solid artists in Chris Sprouse and Goran Sudzuka. I coined the first issue Law & Thorder, and that vibe is still here and I love it. Ultimate Thor is a gritty detective who is in over his head, has lost his partner and is troubled by the deaths of all the Jane Fosters and David Blakes in the Battleworlds. He has the weight of the world on his broad shoulders, and the ever tricky Loki still loves to push the buttons of his brother…no matter if it is their regular sibling relationship or not. Aaron gets their dynamic and fits it into this world so well. This is top class comic book entertainment and it’s a blast to read.

This mystery grows by the issue and the addition of things like The Thunder Room and a couple of very interesting events at the end of the issue have me hooked on the series. The fate of the Janes & Davids of the realms is very intriguing and I have a feeling the consequences of what the Thors find in the coming issues will have a huge effect on the world of Secret Wars. The events within this issue are BIG. The characters are huge, the battle of words with Loki is great and Jason Aaron is just…amazing when Thor is involved.

Chris Sprouse and Goran Sudzuka throw down some killer art in this comic. This issue looks fantastic. Loki is as mischevious as ever and at no point do either of these artists drop the ball. The Thunderers have power rippling off them at all times, and they look and operate like a true law enforcement group. Their mannerisms are unique despite how they are all Thors and the level of detail in this comic is impressive to say the least. You won’t find better superhero artwork anywhere, Thors #3 looks damn good.

Thors #3 is a damn good comic with an intriguing plot and strong characters. The fate of the Janes & Davids has me intrigued and Aaron’s work with Loki is devilish in all the right ways. Sprouse and Sudzuka are as good as it gets and comics like this use the landscape of Secret Wars for maximum results.

The Verdict: 9.5/10


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