Review: TRUE BLOOD #1

Written by Michael McMillian, Ann Nocenti
Art by Michael Gaydos
Released May 23, 2012

The True Blood on-going from IDW kicks off with a bit of backstory not covered in the TV series. On the anniversary of vampires mainstreaming there is a giant celebration called Coffin night. This Mardi Gras type atmosphere has Sookie remembering the night the world learned that vampires were real.

As with any licensed book, True Blood suffers a bit for trying to fit into the series while not really being able to add to it. Though Sookie is fairly well handled, other characters falter into stereotypical and generic dialogue. Eric’s complexity from the most recent season has disappeared and he’s back to his brooding flirtatiousness. The story itself is more engaging in the flashback than in the present-day.

Gaydos’ art is well-suited to the series and he doesn’t get bogged down in trying to be photo-realistic with the characters. I particularly liked how he styled the flashback versus the present day scenes. There’s nothing innovative in his layouts, but the characters are consistent and recognizable.

Given that we are between seasons, I would have liked a bit more sense of where this story fits, or if it does at all. It’s enjoyable enough for a fan like me, but won’t mean anything to a non-fan and the characters will be cyphers. Hand me an B-Positive bottle of Tru Blood and I’m in for the short term.

The Verdict: 7.0/10

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One Comment;

  1. Matt SantoriGriffith said:

    I love Michael Gaydos’ art but I’m not sure I could get into this. I totally agree where licensed properties tend to suffer. It’s as if they are always a pale comparison to the “parent” version.