Created by Margot Blankier, Helen Robinson, Lorena Torres Loaiza, Sabaa Bismil, Nikki Powers, Cassandra Khaw, C. Ann Gordon, Mandy James, Megan Kearney, B.C. Holmes, Dee Williams, Iguanamouth
Edited by  Allison O’ Toole and M. Blankier
Published by TO Comix Press
Release Date: March 1, 2018 

Wayward Sisters: An Anthology of Monstrous Women is a new anthology that “celebrates lady and non-binary monsters who are indelicate, impolite, and irrepressible.” Just as the description implies it is a very positive look at “monsters” doing things that classically monsters might not do. It’s a beautiful collection of tales that will have the reader captivated until the last story.

Wayward Sisters is a modern-day Grimm’s Fairy Tales. Though the stories are all monster themed often times the other characters are acting more horrific than the monsters themselves. It’s a book that will leave the reader wishing they had it when they grew up to read as a primer for life. In a way these stories are more relatable than the aforementioned Grimm’s. All the tales are like little slices of life in these strange and wondrous worlds that the authors have brought to life. Has done a wonderful job at curating this collection balancing darker tales with light tales and complex with the simple. All the writers excel at storytelling in minimal space complete stories full of meaning.

Every single story in this anthology is absolutely wonderful but every reader will assuredly have their own favorites. “Low Tide” by Margot Blankier and Helen Robinson is a brillantly crafted classic Victorian tale with a twist. The artwork is lovely and especially the outdoor backgrounds that look like they’ve come from the impressionist time period. “The Way Home” by Lorena Torres Loaiza, Sabaa Bismil, and Nikki Powers is a beautiful tale that is simple, sweet and satisfying. “Bad Hair Day” by Cassandra Khaw and C. Ann Gordon really stands out above the rest. It captures and deals with the effects of anxiety on a young woman. It should resonate with a lot of readers and is nicely illustrated. “The Purrrfect Solution” is a very cute story by Mandy James. Her style of art fits the story perfectly and the ending to the story is “purrfect.” A decidely touching story is “Best Boo” by Megan Kearney and Nikki Powers. It has an unexpected sweet and fun ending to it. On the awesomely weird side is “White, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant” by BC Holmes and Dee Williams. It’s a unique combination of body horror and comedy that shouldn’t be missed. “Light Pollution” by Iguanamouth is probably the most beautiful of the stories in this collection.  It’s a wordless tale that is beautifully colored and satisfying in the journey to its conclusion. The use of glowing light in the darkness of a city night is perfectly done.

Overall Wayward Sisters is an important collection of stories that should not be missed. There is so much to learn and teach in it’s pages and every story is drawn so beautifully in it’s own way. This an absolute can’t miss anthology this year.

The Verdict: 9.0/10.0


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