ROADQUEEN: ETERNAL ROADTRIP TO LOVE is coming to Kickstarter! Prepare to be swept away by this classic tale of love, revenge, and getting your bike back by artist and writer Mira Ong Chua, creator of GALAXY BALLERINA.

Leo’s the hottest senior at Princess Andromeda Academy, and her adoring fangirls have one goal: to beat her in a road race so she’ll go out with them. Unfortunately, the only thing Leo loves more than breaking hearts is her faithful old bike, Bethany. But the arrival of mysterious new student Vega upends her daily routine forever.

Now it’s graduation season, and with her beloved motorcycle gone, Leo finds herself facing a lonely summer at an all-time low…until mysterious beauty Vega comes crashing back into her life. The two strike a deal that puts Leo’s bike – and dignity – on the line. Will Leo rise to the occasion, or lose Bethany forever?

ROADQUEEN: ETERNAL ROADTRIP TO LOVE is a F/F lesbian romcom that might not steal your bike, but will steal your heart!

The campaign seeks to bring this lesbian love story to life in a 272-page black-andwhite paperback.

Mira Ong Chua lives in L.A., draws for work, and makes comics for fun. ROADQUEEN is Mira’s first book.


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