Second Printing Announced for MEN OF WRATH #1

The newest series from Marvel’s creator-owned ICON imprint is a smash hit, and it’s already gone! Today, Marvel & ICON are proud to announce that Jason Aaron & Ron Garney’s MEN OF WRATH #1 has completely sold out at the distributor level less than 24 hours after release and will immediately return for a second printing! Now is your chance to jump aboard the hottest new creator-owned series from two of the biggest names in the comic industry as they explore the dark past of mysterious Hitman known as Ira Rath. Aaron & Garney’s exploration into the psyche of this vicious killer already has critics begging for more!

“Jason Aaron and Ron Garney pull no punches in this darkly magnetic read.”

“A debut issue with a dark edge and an ending that defies you to ignore the next issue”
– Comic Book Resources

“Men of Wrath is something that will churn your stomach in the best way.”
– Comics Beat

“These are talented creators telling a gut punching tale”
– Comicosity

Now is your chance to get experience the issue that already has the whole industry waiting on the edge of their seats! Be there when MEN OF WRATH #1 returns to comic shops later this month…or face the wrath of another sell out!

Written by JASON AARON
Art & Cover by RON GARNEY
FOC – 10/13/14, On-Sale 11/05/14




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