Shop Talk with Alpha Comics: March 8, 2013

Shop Talk with Alpha Comics returns to discuss the hottest topics in the industry! What’s the word on the street? Chris Humphries knows! This month we discuss the death of Robin, Geoff Johns departure from Green Lantern, the Phantom Variant program and the Age of Ultron!

Aaron Long: Everyone knew this one was coming because of the press releases, but what was the word in the shop about the fate of Damian Wayne?

robin1-525x800Chris Humphries: There wasn’t a whole lot of talk about Damian’s death out side of people asking if it’s true or how long I think it will last. Batman Incorporated doesn’t have the same volume as the other Bat-books so there wasn’t many who got a copy of #8. No doubt I could have sold a lot more. The day the spoilers hit the ‘net I tried to order more but I guess the other retailers beat me to the punch. The comic was totally sold out.

AL: Age of Ultron #1 has finally hit stands, after a long waiting period for fans. How did this book fare on Wednesday? Has it been sitting on the bench for too long to make waves?

CH: I felt that for copies sold, Age of Ultron #1 under-performed at Alpha. It seems a few people are scared off the series knowing it’s rapid firing shipping schedule. For a big Marvel story with a special foil embossed cover, more copies should have went on Wednesday. I do get the scene that some people will catch up on the series once #3 and 4 are on the shelf.

AL: One of the big news items of the past few weeks is the Geoff Johns/Pete Tomasi departure from Green Lantern. These guys have been staples on these books for a long time…are you noticing some readers jumping off, or is the buzz growing for Venditti, Jordan & Fialkov to bring a new spark to the Corps?

CH: For the most part fans of Green Lantern have been picking up the whole family-line of books. They love the house that Johns built and will no doubt continue to commit to all the GL books.

AL: The Phantom Variant program has had some fantastic covers lately. What books have been part of the promotion lately? Any teases on what is coming?

XFiless10_01_cvrRICH: The Phantom variants continue to be more and more impressive. Just this last week there were new Phantoms for Bedlam, Helheim and a Skottie Young cover for Lost Vegas. I’m really excited for the upcoming Phantom variant by Humberto Ramos for Guardians of the Galaxy #1. It’s an homage to Uncanny X-Men #141 featuring Thanos.

AL: IDW announced the creative team for their upcoming X-Files series at ECCC. Do you find the comics based on TV properties, such as Buffy & Doctor Who are really a niche market, or do they build momentum as they progress?

CH: I’m super happy for Michael Walsh being on art duties for the new X-Files comic. I do find that comics that are continuations of a TV series are mostly bought by die-hard fans of the original material. The X-Files: Season 10 #1 will have a solid launch at Alpha Comics to see just how big the fan base will be.

AL: Crystal ball time my friend: top books of March?

CH: Despite what I said earlier of Age of Ultron I do believe it will have the top spot for March. No doubt all the retailers ordered heavy on this one.