New Titles Lead Line of All-Ages and Young Adult Graphic Novels, Digital First

(January 31th, 2017 – Bellingham, WA) – Publisher Space Goat Productions has announced a new line of Backpack Edition comic books. Perfect-bound, at 9″ x 6″, the graphic novels are small enough to fit in backpacks, messenger bags, and purses, while still being durable enough for travel. Perfect for readers on the go. Most books will be available digitally on Amazon and Comixology well in advance of physical publication.

“Going straight to graphic novel after serializing digitally first has been a dream of mine since at least 2005,” stated Publisher Shon Bury. “Our partnership with Amazon and Comixology, along with competitive domestic printing sources, has made that dream a reality.”

The line will launch with two new series: Moonlighters and Uncanny Valley High. Both are available for pre-order on Comixology today.


Moonlighters features broke college-age werewolves taking supernatural odd jobs to pay the rent. Written by Katie Schenkel (writer at Comics Alliance, The Mary Sue, Panels, and the upcoming graphic novel The Cardboard Kingdom) and illustrated by Cal Moray (Monster Elementary). They are monster helpers for hire.

“I’m excited for the opportunity to build the world these characters exist in between the mundane and the supernatural,” said series illustrator Cal Moray. “But not gonna lie, I’m mostly excited to draw corgis.”

Series writer Katie Schenkel said, “Writing these cute queer werewolves being friends and getting into shenanigans has been a dream so far. I really think Moonlighters is going to be special.”

Uncanny Valley High

Uncanny Valley High is about a high school in a (poorly rendered) computer simulation dealing with all of the glitchy hijinks that entails. Think Archie, if Archie was trapped in a broken video game. Written by Ian Flynn (Sonic the Hedgehog, Mega Man) and illustrated by Maddi Gonzalez (Munchkin, Fresh Romance).

“I can’t wait for folks to experience all the fun and funky stuff in Uncanny Valley High,” said series writer Ian Flynn, “It’s new territory for me, and it’s been a lot of fun to be involved with it!”

Series illustrator Maddi Gonzalez said, “I’ve always loved stories based in reality but slightly off-kilter, so I’m ecstatic to work on a title like Uncanny Valley High.”

“We want to get more comics in more people’s hands,” said Space Goat’s Director of Marketing and Sales, JD Boucher, “So at Space Goat, we want to make comics featuring creators and characters of all genders, sexualities, races, religions, and backgrounds, in the formats that are easiest for consumers to access, digital and trade paperbacks. Our Backpack Editions are just the first step.”

Other Backpack Editions:

Out Now

  • Big Game Hunters by Shon Bury (Superman Adventures, Cable, Impulse) and Jok (Mix-Tape, Doctor Grordbort)
  • Mage, Inc. by Shon Bury (Superman Adventures, Cable, Impulse) and Ian Waryanto

Late 2017

  • Dark Lily by Georgia Ball (Frozen, Evil Dead 2) and George Kambadais (The Double Life of Miranda Turner, Vampire Diaries)
  • Zombie Camp by Frank Hannah (Evil Dead 2) and Dev Madan (Plants Vs. Zombies)
  • Heroines by Ted Naifeh (Courtney Crumrin, Princess Ugg, Night’s Dominion)



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