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Father’s Day Special: Devin Grayson on ARSENAL and Lian Harper

Father’s Day Special: Devin Grayson on ARSENAL and Lian Harper

In reviewing the line-up for DC’s Green Arrow 80th Anniversary Special, many fans were in fact overjoyed when they learned Devin Grayson was included in the line-up of creators. Their excitement doubled when Grayson announced on her twitter account that she would be writing a story about Roy Harper, and in her words: he would

A Holiday Special Edition: The Rise and Fall of TITANS’ Lian Harper

It’s Christmas, that special day of the year that also happens to be my birthday. And for my birthday I decided to do a little follow-up to my article on Roy Harper — one focusing now on his daughter Lian. With the end of DC’s “Doomsday Clock” in our rearview mirror and DC’s rumored “5G” plans

The Fall of Roy Harper: How ARSENAL’s Navajo Origins Disappeared from the Page

It was Thanksgiving again, a holiday I loathe because it seems to pride itself on the way it brings out the worst in families. God knows I can’t help but tense up whenever discussion of my own family’s plans for Turkey Day starts. That’s not even me getting into the idea of a holiday being

Interview: James Tynion IV Takes Up Arms with RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS

After breaking into the comics scene in a huge way by co-penning back-up stories with Scott Snyder in Batman, James Tynion IV now followed up his ongoing series Talon with yet another Bat-family title: Red Hood and the Outlaws. James was kind enough to speak with us about his passion for the characters Jason Todd,