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Representation and Health 101: BATWING David Zavimbe

Representation and Health 101: BATWING David Zavimbe

Welcome to the next installment of the Representation and Health Black History Spectacular! For today’s column, I wanted to focus on someone I was excited to read when he first appeared. He’s someone I enjoyed reading as New 52 rolled out, but I also think he addresses some important issues regarding Blackness and the different

Interview: Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti Go Goth with BATWING

The hardest working guys in comics are still at it, with Batwing’s lead character Luke Fox taking center stage in the Bat-family this coming year, and in no place more than his own ongoing title. With last month’s Zero Year tie-in, and the upcoming Gothtopia tie-in story, readers have a unique chance to catch up

NUMBERS GAME: November 2013

November Sweeps Batman #25 (125,602) Harley Quinn #0 (114,212) Amazing X-Men #1 (112,337) Superman Unchained #4 (110,611) Forever Evil #3 (105,755) Infinity #6 (100,292) All New X-Men #18 (82,365) Superior Spider-Man #22 (81,250) Batman Superman #5 (77,198) Superior Spider-Man #21 (74,940) With both Big 2 companies currently in a bit of downtime with new series

MOM’S COVER WATCH: October 2, 2013

A pop of color and pizazz take the top spots for the mother of all comics this week who takes a look at the best covers for October 2, 2013 on MOM’S COVER WATCH. BATWING #24 Written by Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti Cover art by Darwyn Cooke Published by DC Comics It’s not often that

NUMBERS GAME: DC Comics — June 2013

What’s the old adage? If you assume, all you’re doing is what? DC Comics’ June sales charts are full of assumption-breaking numbers that fans, especially those who are particularly vocal online, need to take notice of. Overall, the company saw a fair increase in its overall market share this month, as well as its dollar

MOM’S COVER WATCH: July 3, 2013

The Big Two have decided that it’s time to paint the town red, in comic book covers, at least. The mother of all comics, Jessica Boyd, takes a look at the best covers for the week of July 3, 2013 in this week’s MOM’S COVER WATCH. THE PHANTOM STRANGER #10 Written by J. M. DeMatteis

Interview: Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti Strike Gold on ALL-STAR WESTERN

Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti are two of the hardest working men in comics today, writing numerous independent one-shots and graphic novels, running a Kickstarter for Weapon of God (currently in its last hours), the digital first series Ame-Comi Girls, and helming not one, but two ongoing series for DC Comics’ New 52: Batwing and

NUMBERS GAME: DC Comics — April 2013

Not a ton of excitement to report for DC Comics this month as both it and its colleague across the aisle lost 2% market share to some rather aggressive indie publishers between March and April. While the market is up overall, it’s got to smart a little to drop share in the midst of a

THE HONOR ROLL: May 3, 2013

Welcome to the weekly roundup of five of the best titles read by Comicosity staff from this past Wednesday! This week I am joined by Matt Santori-Griffith and Alison Berry to craft this top five of fantastic titles from May 1, 2013. ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN #1 Written by Jeff Parker Art by Chris Samnee Publisher:

DC Releases Concept Sketches for LADY VIC

Via their company blog, DC Comics has released character sketches for Lady Vic, who will be appearing in Batwing in the future. Official Press Release Welcome to week three of What’s New in The New 52 – where you, the fans, get a sneak peek at the stuff that crosses our desks. This little feature