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Bookmark this Comic: Works of Claire Connelly

Bookmark this Comic: Works of Claire Connelly

The Works of Claire Connelly Written by Claire Connelly and Various Art by Claire Connelly New Works Published: Every Other Week (announced via Twitter) It’s time to wander off the beaten path of weekly strip comics to venture into the realm of one-short stories created by artist Claire Connelly. Fans of Jeff Lemire and Brandon

Bookmark This Comic: OH JOY SEX TOY

 OH JOY SEX TOY Written by Erika Moen (@ErikaMoen) Art by Erika Moen Original Release Date: April 2013 New Strips: Tuesdays What’s the Pitch?: Oh Joy Sex Toy is a sex-positive educational comic that runs the gamut from reviews of sex toys, sex education, birth control, and relationships. Erika Moen’s latest work is as informative as

Bookmark This Comic: OUTNUMBERED

OUTNUMBERED Written and drawn by Tom Bancroft New Strips Released Monday What’s the Pitch? Not unlike a wildlife documentary you would see on Animal Planet…..This is a “family” strip about “A man living in a woman’s world”. From the Reader’s Perspective: Marriage is not the end of the story, but merely the beginning of an