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Interview: Grace Randolph Discusses SUPURBIA

Interview: Grace Randolph Discusses SUPURBIA

In early 2012 a mini-series from BOOM! Studios rushed on to the scene with multiple re-prints and critical acclaim. That series was Supurbia from Grace Randolph, a “Real Housewives” style look at the world behind the superheroes and all that entails. BOOM! recently announced that Randolph would be relaunching the series as an ongoing and

Interview: Abnett & Lanning Unleash THE HYPERNATURALS

The Hypernaturals are coming….fans of cosmic stories and the legendary DnA get ready for a universe completely owned, operated and created by Abnett & Lanning themselves. Marvel Cosmic collaborator Brad Walker joins them for no-holds-barred, intense, cosmic action where anything can happen, and does! Abnett and Lanning were kind enough to take time to discuss