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NYCC: BATMAN Goes ETERNAL for 75th Anniversary [with Stephanie Brown]

NYCC: BATMAN Goes ETERNAL for 75th Anniversary [with Stephanie Brown]

UPDATE: At the Batman panel hosted by DC Entertainment Saturday afternoon at New York Comic Con, head Batman writer Scott Snyder confirmed the return of fan favorite character Stephanie Brown to the pages of the upcoming Batman: Eternal weekly series. In response to another inquiry by a fan during the question/answer period, Snyder remarked, “Your

Interview: Brian Buccellato Rebels and Returns to THE FLASH

One half of one of the most acclaimed creative teams of the last two years, Brian Buccellato is a busy man. Not only is he wrapping up his run on the New 52 title The Flash with co-writer and artist Francis Manapul, but he is also writing the October debuting mini-series Forever Evil: Rogue’s Rebellion


THE FLASH #23.3: THE ROGUES Written by Brian Buccellato Art by Patrick Zircher Published by DC Comics Release Date: September 18, 2013 The Rogues are unique in the DCU, and always have been, because they operate largely as a team. Batman’s baddies will join forces now and again, but they aren’t a tight knit coalition..