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Health and Inclusivity: CAPTAIN MARVEL and a Marvelous Recovery

Health and Inclusivity: CAPTAIN MARVEL and a Marvelous Recovery

With Captain Marvel hitting the silver screen, I’m beside myself with happiness — though there’s something about her that’s been in the back of my mind for a while. Carol’s relationship with substance abuse and recovery has always been huge to me. She stands as an example of what it takes to challenge that kind

Marvel to Celebrate Carol Danvers’ 50th Anniversary With Variant Covers

New York, NY—April 17, 2018—This summer, Marvel is celebrating the 50th anniversary of Captain Marvel’s alter ego Carol Danvers with variant covers showing how everyone’s favorite high-flying super hero has evolved throughout the years! Look for Marvel’s Carol Danvers variant covers on these select titles: AVENGERS #4 by Kate Niemczyk with colors by Morry Hollowell BLACK

Representation and Health 101: Carol Danvers

Sometimes, the characters that mean the most to us don’t look like us, but they share our experiences. Carol Danvers is that character for me and I suspect many people. She’s powerful, capable, nuanced, but she also dealt with struggles many of us face. In particular, I think Carol is an avatar for understanding how