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Batman #20

Mini-Crisis: Digital Codes are NOT free

Mini-Crisis: Digital Codes are NOT free

There are lots of things that drive me crazy hearing online, as you may have surmised over months of reading this column, but none raise my blood pressure like the claim that DC charges a dollar more for the digital code that accompanies a print edition than Marvel does. This is like “yelling at the

Crisis of Epic Proportion: The Illusion of Change

I am always genuinely impressed by the vigor with which fans react to the monthly twists and turns of their favorite comic book. As a testimonial to the power of these characters — and the craft of the creative teams behind them — you can’t beat insane message board and twitter uproar. Meanwhile, it’s completely

Crisis of Epic Proportion: The Case for Imaginary Stories

I was recently flipping through some website or another and realized that, despite my best intentions for the better part of the last two years, I’d never read Brave and the Bold #33 (second series, of course). This is pretty unusual for a bunch of reasons, not limited to: Barbara Gordon as Batgirl, Zatanna, Wonder