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BATMAN INCORPORATED #9 Written by Grant Morrison Art by Chris Burnham and Jason Masters Release Date: March 27, 2013 It’s the final Requiem story for the month, and we’re right back where we started — Robin dead at the hands of his cloned brother The Heretic, agent of Leviathan, and Batman in various states of mourning

Read Between the Lines: Who is Batwing?

The introduction of a new Batwing in April is building a bit of mystery. Writers Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray have hinted that the new Batwing may be a someone readers already know. In their recent interview with Comicosity, Palmiotti and Gray said that their vision of Batwing will tie closer to Batman Incorporated and the

Read Between the Lines: I Come to Praise Damian Wayne, Not to Bury Him

Yes, it was planned all along. Yes, writers who have told us great stories with Damian over the past few years always knew that it would end here. Yes, editorial is supporting the decision of a creator, an area of complaint when not done. But… Here’s the deal. I never liked Damian. I tried reading

Crisis of Epic Proportion: Death and the Robin

Sigh. It’s not often I get sad or angry about comic books. If you’ve read anything I’ve written, you’ll know I’m generally the first guy to find the bright side to any story, situation or change. But Damian Wayne was unequivocally my favorite Robin, and so recent events (is there even a point to pretending


WORLDS’ FINEST #6 Written by Paul Levitz Art by Kevin Maguire, George Perez and Sandra Hope Release Date: November 7, 2012 The children of the Batman finally meet, as Earth 2 refugee Helena Wayne faces off against prime Earth mainstay (and little bugger) Damian Wayne. It’s the Huntress versus Robin for the title of best