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TRADE WAITING: Week of February 11, 2015

TRADE WAITING: Week of February 11, 2015

Another Monday means another look at some of the hottest trade paperbacks, collected editions, and graphic novels in this week’s “Trade Waiting” –your weekly spotlight of five noteworthy comic book collections that are being released to stores this Wednesday and why you should watch out for them! DC THE NEW FRONTIER DELUXE ED HC Written


HARLEY QUINN HOLIDAY SPECIAL #1 Written by Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti Art by Mauricet, Brandt Peters, Darwyn Cooke, Dave McCaig, Paul Mounts, and Dave Stewart Published by DC Comics Release Date: December 10, 2014 Oh, Harley. That grey hair. I feel you. Having just passed a major round number birthday (but plagued with Reed

MOM’S COVER WATCH: October 2, 2013

A pop of color and pizazz take the top spots for the mother of all comics this week who takes a look at the best covers for October 2, 2013 on MOM’S COVER WATCH. BATWING #24 Written by Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti Cover art by Darwyn Cooke Published by DC Comics It’s not often that


THE SHADE TPB Written by James Robinson Art by Cully Hamner, Darwyn Cooke, Javier Pulido, Jill Thompson, Frazer Irving and Gene Ha Release Date: March 6, 2013 Not quite a hero, sometimes a villain… ever the gentleman, the Shade embarks on a world tour in search of those who seek to take him off the


BEFORE WATCHMEN: MINUTEMEN #6 (OF 6) Written by Darwyn Cooke Art by Darwyn Cooke Release Date: January 23, 2013 The premier book of the Before Watchmen line ends its run with a conclusion to the tale of the last days of activity for Hollis Mason and his masked colleagues. The Minutemen are no more, but


CREATOR OWNED HEROES #8 Release Date: January 16, 2013 “Meatbag” Written by Steve Niles Art by Scott Morse “Killswitch” Written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray Art by Jerry Lando and Paul Mounts “The Spirit of the Harbour” Written by Darwyn Cooke Art by Darwyn Cooke The eighth issue of Creator Owned Heroes brings this