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Review: CALEXIT #2

Review: CALEXIT #2

  CALEXIT #2 Written by Matteo Pizzolo Art by Amancay Nahuelpan, Tyler Boss, Jim Campbell, Dee Cunniffe, Richard Nisa, Robert Anthony Jr, Philip W. Smith II Published by Black Mask Studios Release Date: February 28th, 2018 ***SPOILER WARNING*** Living in Washington state during the era of our first worst president, I had to listen to

Review: PUNK’S NOT DEAD #1

There’s a school of thought that believes punk’s defining characteristic was obnoxiousness. For these people, Sid Vicious is the most important icon of the 20th century, not so much for who he actually was but who he represented: the “lazy sod” masses not only left unchecked but granted celebrity status. It’s this thinking that led


CULT CLASSIC: RETURN TO WHISPER #1 Written by Eliot Rahal Art by Felipe Cunha, Dee Cunniffee, and Taylor Esposito Edited by Adrian Wassel Published by Vault Comics Release Date: February 8, 2018 Our childhood almost always comes back to haunt us at some point in our adult years. If you haven’t experienced it by now

Preview: EUGENIC #3

Eugenic #3 (of 3) Publisher: BOOM! Studios Writer: James Tynion IV Art: Eryk Donovan, Dee Cunniffe, Jim Campbell Cover Artists:      Main Cover: Eryk Donovan      Subscription Cover: Robbi Rodriguez Price: $5.99 Synopsis: It’s been 200 years since the human uprising. The NuMan culture has stagnated without diversity, but a secret found in


GRAVETRANCERS #1 Written by M.L. Miller Art by James Michael Whynot, Dee Cunniffe, and Jim Campbell Published by Black Mask Studio Release Date: December 13, 2017 “We’ve all read the story where the guy ends up saving the girl or the girl ends up saving the guy and everything ends all hunky-dorey-like. Do you really

Archie Announces DICK TRACY by Segura, Moreci, Pitilli & Cunniffe

Buckle up for a high-stakes crime adventure as co-writers Alex Segura and Michael Moreci along with artist Thomas Pitilli and colorist Dee Cunniffe bring DICK TRACY back to comic books in April 2018! The earliest investigations of one of pop culture’s most iconic detectives will be explored in the new ongoing series that promises to blend


WWE Survivor Series 2017 Special #1 Publisher: BOOM! Studios Writers:  Dennis Hopeless, Box Brown, Derek Fridolfs, Kevin Panetta, Lan Pitts, Aaron Gillespie Artists: Lucas Werneck, Rodrigo Lorenzo, Derek Fridolfs, Kendall Goode, Kelly Williams, Tim Lattie Colorists: Jeremy Lawson, Doug Garbark, Fred Stresing, Dee Cunniffe Letterer: Jim Campbell Cover Artists:      Main Cover: Rahzzah  

Preview: EUGENIC #2

Eugenic #2 (of 3) Publisher: BOOM! Studios Writer: James Tynion IV Artist: Eryk Donovan Colorist: Dee Cunniffee Letterer: Jim Campbell Cover Artists: Main Cover: Eryk Donovan Subscription Cover: Robbi Rodriguez Price: $5.99 Synopsis: It’s been 200 years since the New Humans first appeared and became the dominant form of life. Now the human resistance fights


Kong: Gods of Skull Island #1 Publisher: BOOM! Studios Writer: Phillip Kennedy Johnson Art: Chad Lewis, Dee Cunniffe, Ed Dukeshire Cover Artists: Main Cover: Jeremy Wilson Incentive Cover: Tyler Jenkins Price: $3.99 Synopsis: In this stand-alone Kong story, the year is 1912, and a wealthy humanitarian has travelled to Skull Island with the purpose of