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10 WORDS: January 31, 2018 Releases

10 WORDS: January 31, 2018 Releases

One word. Sometimes, it’s all you need to adequately describe a comic. Sometimes, you need a lot more, BUT YOU ONLY GET ONE IN THIS GAME. I guilted Nikki, Doug, MJ and Allen into playing this game with me, and they haven’t bailed yet…SO LET’S TAKE ON WEEK 22 OF THIS MADNESS! January 31 releases,

Interview: Lindsay, Zawadski & Cunniffe Are ETERNAL

Comic book storytelling is most successful and eternal when it becomes a collaboration between all the makers involved. It’s like a memorable dish where all the ingredients have been measured, mixed, and melded together just right. The new one shot Eternal by writer Ryan K. Lindsay, artist Eric Zawadski, and colorist Dee Cunniffe is a

NYCC: BATMAN Goes ETERNAL for 75th Anniversary [with Stephanie Brown]

UPDATE: At the Batman panel hosted by DC Entertainment Saturday afternoon at New York Comic Con, head Batman writer Scott Snyder confirmed the return of fan favorite character Stephanie Brown to the pages of the upcoming Batman: Eternal weekly series. In response to another inquiry by a fan during the question/answer period, Snyder remarked, “Your