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Queer Visibility Interview: Andrew Wheeler Goes FREELANCE [Part 2]

Queer Visibility Interview: Andrew Wheeler Goes FREELANCE [Part 2]

Yesterday, we sat down with writer Andrew Wheeler to chat about the first volume of Freelance, Chapterhouse Books’ revitalization of Golden Age hero Lance Valiant. No stranger to analysis and criticism of queer representation himself, Wheeler continues in conversation with Senior Editor Matt Santori to chat about writing gay characters, introducing their sexuality on the

Queer Visibility Interview: Andrew Wheeler Goes FREELANCE [Part 1]

When someone mentions the Golden Age of comics to you, you probably think Superman, Batman, Captain America, Wonder Woman, right? Alan Scott, Namor, Human Torch, Jay Garrick. But what about Lance Valiant? One of Canada’s earliest Golden Age heroes — and one whose absence from the comics scene has been protracted enough to return him

Exclusive Preview: FREELANCE #4

Chapterhouse Books has shared with Comicosity its EXCLUSIVE preview for tomorrow’s Freelance #4. Scroll down to view full sized preview images. FREELANCE #4 Written by Jim Zub and Andrew Wheeler Art by Vaneda Vireak, Cindy Leong, and Andrew Thomas Published by Chapterhouse Books Release Date: July 26, 2017 The CHAPTERHOUSE UNIVERSE continues! This is it!

Queerer Than Ever: 30 MORE Indie Titles Doing Right by LGBTA Fans

There’s been a lot of talk about diversity lately in the comic book industry, and not all of it good. But while some publishers are still talking about substantial LGBTA inclusion, others are out there doing it. We’ve been here before, with 70 other books that are offering significant queer representation. It’s time to wrap