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Review: BATGIRL #27

Review: BATGIRL #27

BATGIRL #27 Written by Gail Simone Art by Robert Gill Published by DC Comics Release Date: January 15, 2014 Comicosity has no shortage of Bat-fans, and there are two writers who just can’t help but love the dominoed daredoll enough to fight over who gets to review her book. In a fit of collaborative energy,

Interview: Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti Go Goth with BATWING

The hardest working guys in comics are still at it, with Batwing’s lead character Luke Fox taking center stage in the Bat-family this coming year, and in no place more than his own ongoing title. With last month’s Zero Year tie-in, and the upcoming Gothtopia tie-in story, readers have a unique chance to catch up

Interview: John Layman Takes Batman to GOTHTOPIA

Announced at New York Comic Con, DC Comics has big plans for their second jab at Detective Comics #27 this January, and at its center is “Gothtopia,” a brand new storyline that pits Batman against one of his biggest challenges — a bright and happy Gotham City. This issue also marks the beginning of John Layman’s