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THE HONOR ROLL: September 23, 2015 Releases

THE HONOR ROLL: September 23, 2015 Releases

The season is changing but the comics come as they do every week. Amazing comics and we have amazing picks with spoiler filled panels for you to enjoy. So let’s get to it! GRAYSON #12 – Matt Santori-Griffith Anything I like, Bruce? Hubba hubba. About Me: Matt Santori-Griffith has been reading comic books since his

NUMBERS GAME: Independents — March 2013

The Mid-Market Top 10 1. (21) The Walking Dead #108 (67,423) 2. (33) Saga #11 (50,023) 3. (35) East of West #1 (49,518) 4. (44) Star Wars #3 (45,522) 5. (55) My Little Pony Friendship is Magic #4 (41,541) 6. (65) My Little Pony Friendship is Magic #5 (36,354) 7. (78) Shrugged Vol. 2 #1 (30,657)

NUMBERS GAME: Independents – February 2013

Another strong month for the non big 2 publishers. A big winner for the month was IDW. Comichron pointed out that this is the first time that IDW has ever taken over 7% of the market share in a month. A huge accomplishment and a hope that the trend continues and we see more companies

NUMBERS GAME: Independents – December 2012

Welcome to a new feature from the crew at Comicosity! Each month we are going to dig a little bit deeper into the previous month’s sales figures and talk about a few of the more interesting tidbits we find. Today we will be focusing on all comics from the non-Big Two companies. (all +/- are

THE HONOR ROLL: January 4, 2013

The weekly Honor Roll is live, bringing you my five favourite reads from the past Wednesday, January 2, 2013. Marvel floored me with a couple books, a new (to me) DC title crept into my monthly reads and Dark Horse Comics grabbed themselves two spots in the coveted top five. ALL NEW X-MEN #5 Written

THE HONOR ROLL: December 7, 2012

This week’s Honor Roll is a real mixed back of publishers, with both of the Big Two getting titles on the list, as well as Dark Horse and 2012 upstart Valiant. Without further ado, let’s dive into the weekly honors… SHADOWMAN #2 Written by Justin Jordan, Patrick Zircher Art by Patrick Zircher Publisher: Valiant Entertainment