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Image Expo 2018 Announcements Include BLACKBIRD, DEAD GUY FAN CLUB and More

Image Expo 2018 Announcements Include BLACKBIRD, DEAD GUY FAN CLUB and More

PORTLAND, OR, 02/21/2018 — The Image Expo keynote address, given by Publisher Eric Stephenson, reflected upon soaring sales increases over the course of 2017 for Image Comics and revealed the following new creator-owned project announcements for 2018. The keynote and announcements streamed live for the first time on Twitch.tv/ImageComics. BLACKBIRD by Sam Humphries & Jen Bartel

MOM’S COVER WATCH: March 26, 2014

Happy New Comic book day! Today is the day we storm the shops and see what tales await us in our local shop and online. Here are 5 of the best covers you’ll see in stores: ALL NEW GHOST RIDER #1 Written by Felipe Smith Cover art by Tradd Moore Published by Marvel Comics New

MOMS COVER WATCH: October 16, 2013

The mother of all comics… is tired. After four days of comic convention madness, Jessica Boyd was about ready to throw in the towel. Then she remembered: comics are fun and so are the covers! So, here are some of the more intriguing covers for the week of October 16, 2013. BATWOMAN #24 Written by

Crisis of Epic Proportion: Is Batwoman the Marrying Kind?

Two weeks ago and for the first time in over eight years, the government of the United States, my home nation, recognized my marriage. My husband and I are now considered legally wed, with all rights, responsibilities, and privileges — for better or for worse — as any other married couple would be, opposite or

Review: BATWOMAN #21

BATWOMAN #21 Written by J.H. Williams and W. Haden Blackman Art by Francesco Francavilla and Todd Klein Release Date: June 19, 2013 Batwoman reaches its third interlude (following similar stories from #0 and #15), this time focusing on Killer Croc in the aftermath of his transformation by Medusa in the last story arc. Waylon Jones,

MOM’S COVER WATCH: May 15, 2013

Single, bold colors and center layouts dominate for the best cover art this week. At least, that’s what the mother of all comics, Jessica Boyd says in MOM’S COVER WATCH for May 15, 2013. DREAM MERCHANT #1 (of 6) Written by Nathan Edmondson Cover art by Konstantin Novosadov Published by Image Comics A heart-broken face,

Interview: BATWOMAN and LGBT Visibility with J. H. Williams III

J. H. Williams III (Promethea, Detective Comics, Batwoman) has in essence become a comic book legend. A three-time Eisner Award winner, critics and audiences continuously praise his artwork which has been described as positively gorgeous. He is also the recipient of the 2012 GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding Comic Book for his work on Batwoman

MOM’S COVER WATCH: February 20, 2013

Mom returns for another round of covers — horrifying, heroic, happy* and hilarious. * happiness may not be included. HELLRAISER: THE DARK WATCH #1 Written by Clive Barker and Brandon Seifert Cover Art by Tim Bradstreet and Nick Percival Published by BOOM! Studios Has there ever been a cover that is so elegantly horrifying? I

MOM’S COVER WATCH: January 23, 2013

The Mother of All Comics, Jessica Boyd, is skirting the rules again, for choosing the five best covers for the week of January 23, 2013. She’s got five covers for you, however one is a two for one deal. So really, you should cry foul for shorting you a cover. Forget it — we’ll let