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MOM’S COVER WATCH: July 24, 2013

MOM’S COVER WATCH: July 24, 2013

The mother of all comics, Jessica Boyd feels like going out on a lark this week and picking covers that she just finds are pure fun in this week’s MOM’S COVER WATCH. HAWKEYE ANNUAL #1 Written by Matt Fraction Cover art by Javier Pulido Published by Marvel Comics Javier Pulido is putting his own touch


THE SHADE TPB Written by James Robinson Art by Cully Hamner, Darwyn Cooke, Javier Pulido, Jill Thompson, Frazer Irving and Gene Ha Release Date: March 6, 2013 Not quite a hero, sometimes a villain… ever the gentleman, the Shade embarks on a world tour in search of those who seek to take him off the