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Preview: INVADER ZIM Volume 2 HC

Preview: INVADER ZIM Volume 2 HC

INVADER ZIM Volume 2 Hardcover Written by Jhonen Vasquez, Aaron Alexovich, Eric Trueheart, Danielle Koenig, and Sarah Andersen Art by Sarah Andersen, Warren Wucinich, Aaron Alexovich, Katy Farina, Fred C. Stresing, and Cassie Kelly Edited by Robin Herrera Published by Oni Press Release Date: June 27, 2018 At long last, another deluxe hardcover edition of


INVADER ZIM, VOLUME 4 (W) Jhonen Vasquez, Eric Trueheart, Aaron Alexovich, Danielle Koenig (A) Warren Wucinich and Aaron Alexovich (C) Fred C. Stresing and Cassie Kelly (CA) Warren Wucinich In Stores: 8/2/17 Age Rating: Young Adult Audiences Genre: Sci-Fi/Humor Price: 19.99 Page Count: 136 ZIM has plans to take over planet Earth. Schemes! Designs! Machinations!

Preview: INVADER ZIM #9

INVADER ZIM #9 (W) Eric Trueheart and Jhonen Vasquez (A) Dave Crosland with Aaron Alexovich (C) J.R. Goldberg (CA) Dave Crosland and Cassie Kelly Back-up comic by Edmund McMillen Retailer incentive alternate cover illustrated by FSc Exceed Exclusives variant cover illustrated by Megan Lawton Age Range: 8 and up Genre: Comedy, Sci-fi Price: $3.99 When