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Roar into Pride Month with Joe Glass and THE PRIDE Omnibus

Roar into Pride Month with Joe Glass and THE PRIDE Omnibus

When he was 13, Joe Glass was a “massive X-Men fan,” and while there is said to be an obvious analogy made between the plight of mutants and queer people, he didn’t see any at that time. The writer later learned there were queer characters in comics, but they were either rarely appearing side characters,

Queer Visibility Interview: Joe Glass and Sina Grace on THE PRIDE ADVENTURES

We’re all pretty used to seeing one queer character rolling around a comic universe. Maybe (if you’re lucky), a couple — romantic or otherwise. But what about an entire team of queer heroes? What’s that even called? That’s a Pride. With the original series in hardcover and the fifth issue of its spin-off title, The

THE PRIDE, LGBT Heroes Come to Hardcover

The Pride has launched a Kickstarter for a 260+ page Hardcover Collected Edition! Joe Glass, writer and creator of The Pride, launches a new Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the printing of a massive, oversized hardcover collection of the LGBTQ+ superhero action adventure series, The Pride. The Pride stars FabMan as he decides enough