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Fire and Suicide: The Legacy of THE DARK PHOENIX SAGA

Fire and Suicide: The Legacy of THE DARK PHOENIX SAGA

Eleven is going to kill herself at the end of Stranger Things. Bold claim, I know. Especially since I don’t know how many seasons are left, nor have I uncovered any insider information in the coffee shop I’m sitting in. But listen, Eleven, Mike, and the rest of the gang are going to come up


DCOCD returns! Join Paul and Mike as they discuss the scope, big deals, legacy, and eventyness of the follow-up to Crisis on Infinite Earths, the event known as Legends! The quest for legendary heroes was brought to us by the legendary creative team of John Ostrander, Len Wein, John Byrne, Karl Kesel, Steven Haynie, Tom Ziuko

WAITING FOR DOOM Episode 111: What A Bunch Of Iceholes

Asparagus monsters! New costumes! Talking apes! Over-explaining things! Ice, ice and more ice, baby! Closing line clunkers! All this wackiness can only mean one thing – it’s time for an all new episode of Waiting For Doom! LET’S GET PATROLLING! Down on Derington Way – 5:12 Doom Clock – 7:38 Doomsplaining – 12:02 – We return to volume

WAITING FOR DOOM Episode 109: Reborn Together For The First Time!

Teen punks of convenience! Vampires! (Again!?) Questionable use of $12 Million! Rebirths, Relaunches and Retcons, oh my! LET’S GET PATROLLING! Down on Derington Way – 6:11 Doom Clock – 7:39 Doomsplaining – 12:38 – We begin to cover volume 4 of the Doom Patrol, looking at the first 2 issues of this series, from John Byrne, Doug Hazlewood,

WAITING FOR DOOM Episode 107: As In One Of The Circles Of Hell

It’s a new episode, taking a look at a new era, featuring the deubt of a new gimmick, the Doom Radio! LET’S GET PATROLLING! Down on Derington Way – 8:49 Doom Clock – 10:15 Doomsplaining – 13:53 – We take our first nervous steps into an era we’ve never covered before…save for giving the entire run a brief

Crisis of Epic Proportion: When Superman Kills

I’ve been pretty torn about writing this column — not because I am of two minds on whether the Man of Steel can kill in a story and have it remain a legitimate representation of what we call “Superman.” No, of that I am singularly sure that you can. I’m torn because I am alternately glad

Review: TRIO #1

TRIO #1 Written by John Byrne Art by John Byrne Release Date: May 9, 2012   Bless IDW for giving us the real John Byrne again. He is doing some great old school work over there and they have returned to print some of his key creator-owned work. Trio is a straight-forward Fantastic Four analogue