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TRADE WAITING #9: Week of November 3, 2021

TRADE WAITING #9: Week of November 3, 2021

Graphic novels. Collected editions. Omnibuses. Trades. These are really all just words for “a kickass way to read comics”. So, with this column we’re going to look at all of those kickass bound pages that are hitting comic shops, bookstores and online outlets this week! (Note that in some instances, the release dates to comic


DOCTOR STRANGE ANNUAL #1 Written by Kathryn Immonen, Robbie Thompson Art by Leonardo Romero, Jordie Bellaire, Cory Petit, Jonathan Marks Barravecchia, Lee Loughridge Published by Marvel Comics Release Date: September 28, 2016 The lead story is twenty pages, which is not in itself Annual worthy, but also contained in this issue is a ten-page prelude for

McCloud, Griffith, Immonen and More Coming to SPX 2015

Media Release ­— SPX is pleased to announce Scott McCloud, Bill Griffith and Kathryn Immonen as guests at SPX 2015. This is in addition to the previously announced guests Kate Beaton, Luke Pearson, Noelle Stevenson, Michael DeForge, Gemma Correll, Noah Van Sciver, Matt Bors, Lilli Carré, Theo Ellsworth, C. Spike Trotman, Jennifer Hayden and Stuart

#MakeComics: Resources

It isn’t easy to dive into the world of making comic books. No matter if you are looking to write, draw, colour, letter, edit, publish…you name it, there are lessons to be learned before one dives in. Below, you will find resources that explain and give tips about the general process of making comics, specific

Advance Review: OPERATION S.I.N. #1

OPERATION S.I.N. #1 Written by Kathryn Immonen Art by Rich Ellis Published by Marvel Comics Release Date: January 7, 2015 The backwards and continuely retconned, without explanation, history of Peggy Carter takes an adventure into the Cold War with Howard Stark. Set in 1953, the pair find themselves in Communist Russia sleuthing out alien technology.

Immonen and Ellis Take on OPERATION S.I.N.

This January, journey to the Marvel Universe of the 1950s for an all-new globetrotting adventure in OPERATION S.I.N. #1, the blockbuster new limited series from fan-favorite writer Kathryn Immonen and artist Rich Ellis! Tying in to the explosive events of Original Sin, OPERATON S.I.N. tells an untold story of the origins of the Marvel Universe

THE HONOR ROLL: March 29, 2013

It’s Friday, and a Good one at that! If you have today off, it’s a great day to catch up on some fantastic comics! This was a strong week, but only five can make the weekly Honor Roll! Take a peek at the cream of the crop: GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #1 Written by Brian

COMICS FOR HEROES Presents: The November File

This is the first in what will be a regular series that briefly reviews the books that I (Brian, President and Founder of Comics for Heroes) have read every month. There is no such thing as a bad comic — just one that may not be for you.  One of the great things about comics