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LGBT Visibility: This Fucking Week

LGBT Visibility: This Fucking Week

This fucking week. Sunday morning, like a lot of Americans, I woke to the news that 49 people in Orlando, Florida, had been gunned down in what has since been named the largest mass fatality from a single shooter in US History. Sunday morning and every day since, also like a lot of Americans, I’ve

LGBT Visibility: There’s A Riot Going On

[Trigger Warning: This article contains unaltered use of the N-Word] The title of this article is derived from the Sly and the Family Stone album of the same name, which — among other concepts — reflects the socio-political turmoil of its time. Works of art inevitably mirror the lived experiences of their creators and the


This is GAME CHANGERS, a new series at Comicosity looking at female protagonists in comic books from the last decade or two (or more!) — and the original creators who brought them to life. Our goal with this interview series is to highlight the vast wealth of great female characters that have been added to

LGBT Visibility: Trans-Modification

Back in July, our dear senior editor Matt Santori spoke about the recent changes to major characters in DC and Marvel comics. A woman shall wield Mjölnir and be known as Thor. The first African American superhero Falcon will be succeeding Steve Rogers as Captain America. The mantle of Ms. Marvel now belongs to a


A VOICE IN THE DARK #2 Written by Larime Taylor Art by Larime Taylor Published by Image Comics Release Date: January 8, 2014 Author and illustrator Larime Taylor continues to lead us down a dark path of self-examination with “Blood Makes Noise, Part 2.” While part 1 of this story dealt primarily with murder and

LGBT Visibility: Green Lantern and the Consequence of Gay Death

I have a problem. I’m tired of seeing Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) characters in film, television and print experience a disproportionate amount of tragedy and death in comparison to their heterosexual and cisgender counterparts. In fact, I’m exhausted by it. Queer Media Images: LGBT Perspectives (2013) makes a poignant declaration that “[i]n an

LGBT Visibility: Weathering the Storm

Batgirl: Gay Icon? was my first attempt at examining the cultural trend of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) people’s idolization of heterosexual and cisgender public figures in history and popular culture. In short, the long-held demonization of same-sex attraction and gender variance has left the existence of prominent, influential and well-respected LGBT figures as

Interview: Larime Taylor on Finding A VOICE IN THE DARK

Writer and illustrator Larime Taylor joins us to discuss his creative process in developing the independent comic book series, A Voice in the Dark. A series that originally was funded exclusively through Kickstarter, A Voice in the Dark is making the move to Image Comics’ Top Cow Productions this November. Featuring a young college freshman

LGBT Visibility: Batwoman and the Agency of Marriage

Thursday, Batwoman co-authors J.H. Williams III and W. Haden Blackman released a joint statement announcing their departure from the title due to conflicts with DC editorial staff. One of the most significant revelations out of this statement was the fact that Batwoman (Kate Kane) and girlfriend Detective Maggie Sawyer would not be allowed to marry,

Crisis of Epic Proportion: Is Batwoman the Marrying Kind?

Two weeks ago and for the first time in over eight years, the government of the United States, my home nation, recognized my marriage. My husband and I are now considered legally wed, with all rights, responsibilities, and privileges — for better or for worse — as any other married couple would be, opposite or