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Exclusive Preview: LUKE CAGE #5

Exclusive Preview: LUKE CAGE #5

Marvel Comics has shared its EXCLUSIVE preview for next week’s Luke Cage #5. Scroll down for full-sized preview images. LUKE CAGE #5 Written by David Walker Art by Nelson Blake II, Marcio Menyz, and Joe Sabino Published by Marvel Comics Release Date: September 20, 2017 THE BATTLE OF NEW ORLEANS! Luke Cage is under attack

Review: DEFENDERS #1

DEFENDERS #1 Written by Brian Michael Bendis Art by David Marquez, Justin Ponsor, and Cory Petit Published by Marvel Comics Release Date: June 14, 2017 Given the imminent Netflix arrival of The Defenders series, it seems appropriate that Marvel would turn to Brian Michael Bendis to launch a new comic series to unite Jessica Jones,

Representation and Health 101: POWER MAN Luke Cage

Welcome to a fiddle-faddling new Representation and Health Black History Spectacular! This month, I’ve kept an eye on the release for a new comic from Marvel and decided to dedicate the column to one of the series’ main stars. He’s a man with indestructible skin who’s no stranger to expletives and busting heads. On the