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THE MIGHTY ZODIAC #2 (W) J. Torres (A/CA) Corin Howell (C) Maarta Laiho Age Range: 8 and up Genre: Fantasy, Adventure Price: $3.99 The Unlucky Four finally arrive at Twilight’s Bastion, where they find that Master Long is in even worse condition than they feared. And they are still starless! Meanwhile, the other members of

Preview: LUMBERJANES #25

Lumberjanes #25 Imprint: BOOM! Box Writers: Shannon Watters & Kat Leyh, Chynna Clugston Flores Artists: Carey Pietsch, Laura Lewis & Mad Rupert, Maarta Laiho Oversized anniversary issue! The High Council is coming to camp and Jen is determined to make everything perfect, even though a storm is brewing and kittens are suddenly getting magical powers.

Interview: Talking THE MIGHTY ZODIAC With J. Torres

Most comic book readers have likely read something from J. Torres at some point in their reading adventures. From Batman: The Brave and the Bold or Teen Titans Go! to Lola: A Ghost Story and Alison Dare, J. has written a wide array of comics, most of which are geared towards welcoming readers into the


Adventure Time #50 Imprint: KaBOOM! Writer: Christopher Hastings Artist: Ian McGinty, Maarta Laiho Anniversary issue! This special oversized one-shot issue introduces new series artist Ian McGinty (Welcome to Showside, Bravest Warriors)! Finn takes a tour of his past lives when he astral projects through an old photo album. Features special incentive covers by the original


LUMBERJANES #19 Written By Shannon Watters and Kat Leyh Art by Carolyn Nowak & Maarta Laiho Published by BOOM! Studios Release Date: October 21, 2015 So, I need someone to write The Mermaid Lemonade Stand Mysteries (a mini-series maybe?!). April’s enthusiasm, empathy, and curiosity are guiding forces in issue #19 as she endeavors to help