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Preview: RICK AND MORTY #44

Preview: RICK AND MORTY #44

RICK AND MORTY #44 (W) Kyle Starks, Tini Howard (A) Marc Ellerby, Jarrett Williams (C) Sarah Stern (CA) A: Marc Ellerby with Sarah Stern, B: Julia Scott Age Rating: Teen, 16+ Genre: Sci-Fi/Humor —Price: $3.99—Page Count: 32 Haven’t you been wondering how Rick met The Vindicators? Would you be surprised if I told you it

Preview: RICK AND MORTY #41

RICK AND MORTY #41 Written by Kyle Starks and Tini Howard Art by Marc Ellerby, Jarrett Williams, Sarah Stern, and Crank! Edited by Ari Yarwood and Sarah Gaydos Published by Oni Press Release Date: August 29, 2018 What do a planet-hopping degenerate, a totally buff (and existentially tortured) Meeseeks, a grieving gun-toting widow, an alien