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Preview: GENERATION X #4

Preview: GENERATION X #4

GENERATION X #4 Written by Christina Strain Art by Amilcar Pinna, Martin Morazzo, Roberto Poggi, Felipe Sobreiro, Clayton Cowles Published by Marvel Comics Release Date: July 12, 2017 • Taking it upon themselves to catch the assailant who’s been attacking mutants in Central Park, the Xavier Institute’s “Lovable Losers” go on the hunt for the culprit.

IDW Launches THE ELECTRIC SUBLIME from Prince and Morazzo

Art history comes face-to-face with madness in the brand-new series from IDW this October, The Electric Sublime! Journey through iconic artwork that has defined genres and generations in a story that quite literally takes you behind the scenes, and offers a reading experience wholly unique to comics. This is comic books, imitating art, imitating life.

Review: SNOWFALL #1

SNOWFALL #1 Written by Joe Harris Art by Martin Morazzo, Kelly Fitzpatrick, Michael David Thomas Published by Image Comics Release Date: February 17, 2016 From the cover of Snowfall #1, everything looks like we’re walkin’ in a winter Wonderland. Except, well, there’s not been a winter wonderland here on Earth for quite some time, following an inevitable world