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CALEXIT: ALL SYSTEMS SAN DIEGO Debuts, Profits to Help Separated Border Families

CALEXIT: ALL SYSTEMS SAN DIEGO Debuts, Profits to Help Separated Border Families

The CALEXIT ongoing series was released in July 2017 and sold out all 25,000 first print copies in less than 24 hours. The series returns to San Diego Comic Con this week with a fifth printing of issue 1 and a special SDCC-exclusive advanced edition of the CALEXIT Volume 1 collected book (in stores August 8th).

BLACK MASK STUDIOS Announces 2016 Titles

BLACK MASK STUDIOS, the publishing/production company launched in 2014 by Matt Pizzolo (Occupy Comics, Halo-8 Films), Brett Gurewitz (Bad Religion, CEO Epitaph Records, ANTI- Records), and Steve Niles (30 Days Of Night), has unveiled its third slate of comics: a dozen projects principally from new creators bringing bold and unorthodox points of view to their comics. After a banner 2015 with breakout hits We Can


  YOUNG TERRORISTS #1 Written by Matt Pizzolo Art by Amancay Nahuelpan and Jean-Paul Csuka Published by Black Mask Studios Release Date: August 19, 2015 Ho. Lee. Crap. Young Terrorists #1 is a monster. A raging, 80-page, emotion-filled, action-packed monster. Consequently, it’s also a book about monsters. Not of the sci-fi or horror variety per se, but the monsters

YOUNG TERRORISTS #1 Headed to Second Printing

Young Terrorists’ own Sera Solomon looks defiant as fuck in this second printing cover by TESS FOWLER and TAMRA BONVILLAIN, the art team behind the super awesome RAT QUEENS. Tess and Tamra really captured Sera’s brutal-cool attitude that earned her the nickname Spider-Gwen-Jerusalem. YOUNG TERRORISTS #1 Reprint Cover Art: Tess Fowler & Tamra Bonvillain Artist: