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MORBIUS THE LIVING VAMPIRE #8 Written by Joe Keatinge Art by Richard Elson, Antonio Fabela Release Date: August 21st, 2013 Publisher: Marvel Comics Most superheroes have never even heard of Brownsville, let alone ventured there to take down its serial criminals; in fact, even the police and the people who live there seem complacent to

NUMBERS GAME: Marvel Comics — June 2013

Comic fans love first issues. This month, Marvel didn’t have that many of them, so they were pushed down to the number 4 overall slot on the sales chart. Double shipping continues to help Marvel dominate the top 10 though, with the final 2 issues of Age of Ultron, and the latest issues of Superior

NUMBERS GAME: Marvel Comics — April 2013

As the House of Ideas winds down its first wave of Marvel NOW! title launches, we finally have a pretty great picture of where all the chips will fall — and it’s a pretty damn fine arrangement. Sure, April saw Marvel (and their distinguished competition) lose 2% market share to some rather aggressive independent publishers,

MOM’S COVER WATCH: January 2, 2013

So many covers to choose from this week, after last week’s 17 issue short change of comic releases. It leaves the mother of all comics, Jessica Boyd, in a bind to choose only five of these covers as the best of the week in Mom’s Cover Watch. Usually some of the best covers in comics