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8 Reasons You Need to Read ALL-NEW WOLVERINE

8 Reasons You Need to Read ALL-NEW WOLVERINE

There’s a new Wolverine on the block…well, she’s been around awhile now and the truth of the matter is this: she’s one of the best damn characters in all of comics. I’m not throwing that statement down lightly, this series has earned that kind of praise. Tom Taylor’s work with David Lopez, Marcio Takara, Ig

Review: HYPERION #1

  HYPERION #1 Written by Chuck Wendig Art by Nik Virella, Romulo Fajardo, Jr., Joe Caramagna Published by Marvel Comics Release Date: March 23, 2016 I’m sure it’s no coincidence that Marvel’s Superman analog makes his solo series debut just as the Distinguished Competition’s Man of Steel returns to the silver screen. Striking a heroic

Marvel to Unleash RETURN OF THE LIVING DEADPOOL in January

This January, he rises from the grave! And this time, there are thousands of him! Announced at NYCC, prepare for an undead epic like you’ve never seen before in RETURN OF THE LIVING DEADPOOL #1 – the follow up to last year’s smash hit limited-series Night of the Living Deadpool! Fan-favorite writer Cullen Bunn and