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10 WORDS: January 10, 2018 Releases

10 WORDS: January 10, 2018 Releases

One word. Sometimes, it’s all you need to adequately describe a comic. Sometimes, you need a lot more, BUT YOU ONLY GET ONE IN THIS GAME. I guilted Nikki, Doug, MJ and Allen into playing this game with me, and they haven’t bailed yet…SO LET’S TAKE ON WEEK 19 OF THIS MADNESS! January 10 releases,

Interview: Ram V, Dev Pramanik And The Living City Of PARADISO

Since the beginning of time cities have been havens in the middle of vast wastelands of loneliness. They once represented a source for all the necessities to survive the world but our current society tends to spread itself out more. What happens, though, in a future that has become a wasteland again. Will the importance

Image Comics Announces PARADISO

“The sort of comic where every panel contains a world. Savour it.” —Kieron Gillen (THE WICKED + THE DIVINE) PORTLAND, OR, 09/14/2017 — Writer Ram V (Grafity’s Wall, Black Mumba), artist Dev Pramanik (Nightbloom, Black Mumba), colorist Dearbhla Kelly (James Bond: Moneypenny), and letterer Aditya Bidikar (MOTOR CRUSH, Black Mumba) team up for the mind-bending science fiction tale PARADISO this