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Review: TRINITY #12

Review: TRINITY #12

TRINITY #12 Written by Rob Williams Pencils by V. Ken Marion, Ray McCarthy, Dinei Ribeiro, Josh Reed Published by DC Comics Release Date: August 16, 2016 Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman enlist the aid of Zatanna, John Constantine, and Deadman to rescue Red Hood, Bizarro, and Artemis. While notionally the first issue of a new

Review: TITANS HUNT #8

TITANS HUNT #8 Written by Dan Abnett Art by Paul Pelletier, Ray McCarthy, Wayne Faucher, Hi-Fi, Carlos M. Mangual Published by DC Comics Release Date: May 18, 2016 With DC’s Rebirth right around the corner, the final chapter of the eight-part Titans Hunt gives readers some clues for the future, some hope for these fan


CYBORG VOLUME 1: UNPLUGGED Written by David F. Walker Art by Ivan Reis, Eduardo Pansica, Felipe Watanabe, Daniel HDR, Cliff Richards, Joe Prado, Ray McCarthy, Scott Hanna, Oclair Albert, Wayne Faucher, Julio Ferreira, Andy Owens, Juan Castro, Adriano Lucs, Pete Pantazis Published by DC Comics Release Date: March 23, 2016 (comic shops)/March 29, 2016 (bookstores)