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Review: RED LANTERNS #21

Review: RED LANTERNS #21

RED LANTERNS #21 Written by Charles Soule Art by Alessandro Vitti Release Date: June 26, 2013 It’s a brave new world for ALL the Lanterns in the wake of last month’s epic finales, and Red Lanterns is no exception. Welcoming a change to the Corps is new writer Charles Soule, who’s also bringing along a

Crisis of Epic Proportion: Comics are a Business

I think it’s fair to say that comic book fans are some of the best conspiracy theorists around. And why wouldn’t we be? We’ve spent decades piecing together mysteries, looking behind cowls, and helping our heroes uncover plots against society perpetrated by their most fiendish foes. And, no offense to admirers of the House of

DC Announces Venditti, Fialkov, Jordan & Giffen on GREEN LANTERN Titles

Via MTV Geek, DC Comics has announced the new creative teams for the Green Lantern family of titles after the departure of Geoff Johns and Peter J. Tomasi. The lineup will be as follows: GREEN LANTERN: Written by Robert Venditti, art by Billy Tan. The series will pick up immediately after the Geoff Johns run ends.