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Representation and Health 101: Renee Montoya

Representation and Health 101: Renee Montoya

Welcome to the next installment of Character Studies! For the first month of the year, I gave our wonderful senior editors the go for who I cover for this article. The astounding Matt Santori chose Renee Montoya, and, to be completely frank, I could not hold back my enthusiasm. So far, I haven’t covered a

GAME CHANGERS: Greg Rucka on Renee Montoya

Welcome to the fourth edition of GAME CHANGERS, a new series at Comicosity looking at female protagonists in comic books from the last decade or two (or more!) — and the original creators who brought them to life. Our goal with this interview series is to highlight the vast wealth of great female characters that

Read Between the Lines: Who is Batwing?

The introduction of a new Batwing in April is building a bit of mystery. Writers Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray have hinted that the new Batwing may be a someone readers already know. In their recent interview with Comicosity, Palmiotti and Gray said that their vision of Batwing will tie closer to Batman Incorporated and the

Where on Earth is Renee Montoya, or Where Have All the Lesbians Gone?

I’m forced to admit, my initial reaction to the historic announcement of the comic book industry’s first lesbian engagement was “Aww, ****!” Obviously, I’m not disappointed there is going to be a lesbian wedding within DC Comics — this is, in fact, a watershed moment in the history of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT)