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Preview: DONALD DUCK #14

Preview: DONALD DUCK #14

Donald Duck #14 Guido Martina, Daan Jippes (w) • Romano Scarpa, Daan Jippes (a), Nea Aktina A.E., Nicole Seitler, Travis Seitler, Digikore Studios (colours) • Andrea Freccero (c) “Revenge of the Duck Avenger,” Part 1 of 2! Scrooge and Gladstone drive Donald back into his role as a super-anti-hero—with Gyro’s memory-wiping chocolate drops at his

Preview: MICKEY MOUSE #13

Mickey Mouse #13 Romano Scarpa, Merrill De Maris, Marco Palazzi (w) • Romano Scarpa, Manuel Gonzales, Marco Palazzi (a), Digikore Studios, Disney Italia (colours) • Andrea Freccero (c) “Hail Napoleon!” Pegleg Pete is auctioning stolen French treasures to the highest evil bidder—until everyone’s outbid by a strange sailor nobody knows! Can Mickey crack the startling