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Interview: Ken Lashley Draws Out The SECRET SIX

Interview: Ken Lashley Draws Out The SECRET SIX

The long-awaited Secret Six #1 hit stores today, and at the center of the renewal is artist Ken Lashley, bringing a fresh and unique take to DC’s most beloved band of rejects. Lashley sat down with Comicosity to share a bit of what it’s like to work with the new characters and what working with

Interview: Jim Calafiore on Kickstarting LEAVING MEGALOPOLIS

When it comes to dark humor and grand adventure, few artists can compare to Jim Calafiore, whose career has included work on Deadpool, Aquaman, Exiles, Gotham Underground, and the highly respected, much missed Secret Six. Calafiore generously took time out of his busy schedule to speak to me about his latest project with Gail Simone,