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Exclusive Interview: Sean E. Williams Introduces COMICKER Season 2

Exclusive Interview: Sean E. Williams Introduces COMICKER Season 2

A little over a year ago, Comicker Press took their digital format creator-owned comics and ran a fantastic Kickstarter to get those stories bound and in the hands of the fans as books. Today, the publisher has diversified onto more platforms and is ready for Round Two, launching a Kickstarter to print five — count

Interview: Sean E. Williams Kickstarts COMICKER DIGITAL to PRESS

Comic fans are used to hearing about traditionally print-heavy publishers who are launching new, sparkly digital initiatives, but it’s pretty rare these days to hear about the opposite. With its digital app launch just shy of 3 months past, Comicker Digital is making another bold move — into print with the introduction of Comicker Press!

Exclusive Interview: Sean E. Williams Launches the COMICKER DIGITAL App

How do YOU read comics? How do you MAKE comics? Sean E. Williams, writer of Artful Daggers, Sensation Comics, and Fairest, has been asking himself that for over a year. The result is Comicker Digital, a webcomic platform with original work by a variety of creators available to read for free, buy, and subscribe. As