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Learning to Love the LEGION: Legion 101

Learning to Love the LEGION: Legion 101

Before we dive into actual Legion of Super-Heroes comics, I think it’d be helpful to do a big, bird’s eye view of what the Legion is, its publication history, and why it can be so intimidating to new readers. Then we’ll cap off with some recommendations for good starting points. What is the Legion of

Representation and Health 101: SUPERBOY Jon Kent

It’s time for a SUPER new Representation and Health 101. Ever since his introduction, I’ve felt like this character represented something new and hopeful for comics. Jon Kent, son of Superman, exposes a raw emotionality that is important for kids, young boys especially, and a gaping hole in how we discuss emotions in comics. He’s


CONVERGENCE: SUPERBOY AND THE LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES #2 Written by Stuart Moore Art by Peter Gross, Mark Farmer, and John Rauch Published by DC Comics Release Date: May 20, 2015 Superboy isn’t just trapped in another dimension under a dome. He’s trapped 1,000 years from his native time, away from all of his family, and

THE HANGOUT featuring Aaron Kuder: October 6, 2014

The artist of Action Comics and writer of Superboy, Aaron Kuder, joins Jessica, Alison, and Karen this week on The Hangout.  Kuder’s artisitic influences, his writing process, Superman, and how Action Comics is created are discussed in detail. And as always, we play Rate the Genre and give our picks of the week (Thor, Brides of Helheim, and

Interview: Marv Wolfman Takes On the Son of Superman

Marv Wolfman is a legend in the halls of DC Comics for writing sixteen years of the company’s premier teenagers, the New Teen Titans. So what better writer to come aboard and scribe the ongoing adventures of Superboy? The only catch? This isn’t your father’s Superboy. Reportedly meeting his end this month in the pages

LOIS LANE Spotlight, Female Penciller Coming to SUPERMAN Books

DC Comics’ talent was out in full force with teasers at the New 52 Superman panel, Sunday at San Diego Comic Con. Among those in attendance were writers Scott Snyder (Superman Unchained) and Scott Lobdell (Superman, Action Comics), co-publisher Jim Lee (Superman Unchained), editor Eddie Berganza, artist Tony Daniel (Superman/Wonder Woman), and writer Michael Alan