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Interview: Charles Soule Talks Lanterns, Love, and LETTER 44

Interview: Charles Soule Talks Lanterns, Love, and LETTER 44

Charles Soule’s profile has been steadily rising with the superhero crowd since the launch of the New 52. After taking over for Scott Snyder on Swamp Thing, Soule took over writing Red Lanterns at the end of the Geoff Johns Lantern epic. He also has the task of selling the lightning-rod pairing of Superman and

Interview: Charles Soule Breaks New Ground with SUPERMAN WONDER WOMAN

Few things have been as controversial in DC Comics’ New 52 initiative the last two years as the new relationship forged between flagship characters Superman and Wonder Woman. Now launching a new title devoted to their budding relationship — and all the action and drama that will entail — writer Charles Soule couldn’t be more

LOIS LANE Spotlight, Female Penciller Coming to SUPERMAN Books

DC Comics’ talent was out in full force with teasers at the New 52 Superman panel, Sunday at San Diego Comic Con. Among those in attendance were writers Scott Snyder (Superman Unchained) and Scott Lobdell (Superman, Action Comics), co-publisher Jim Lee (Superman Unchained), editor Eddie Berganza, artist Tony Daniel (Superman/Wonder Woman), and writer Michael Alan