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WAITING FOR DOOM Episode 110: Stand Back, It’s False Memories!

WAITING FOR DOOM Episode 110: Stand Back, It’s False Memories!

Mike and Paul return with an all new episode of Waiting For Doom! YAY! Also return are those DAMN Nanites that cause that DAMN clickyechonoisething part way through the editing process! BOO! We are aware of the issue, and are looking into how to avoid it again. Thanks for your understanding and for sticking with

WAITING FOR DOOM Episode 108: Not In Kansas Anymore But We Still Have Dorothy

We’re back with more Doom Patrol goodness! Join Mike, Paul, Hotcakes and Fabineez for about 30 minutes of good audio, and another 30 minutes of an annoying clipping sound that unexpectedly appeared during editing. Not recording – because we would’ve stopped until it was resolved – but editing. CURSE YOU, TECH GODS. Anyway, thanks and

McKeever’s PENCIL HEAD Coming In January

Cartoonist Ted McKeever returns with an all-new love letter to the comic book industry in PENCIL HEAD, set to launch from Image Comics/Shadowline this January. In PENCIL HEAD McKeever explores the whacked-out world of the comic book industry. Readers journey along as witness to protagonist Poodwaddle’s trials and tribulations of working—and sustaining—his place in the

BEST OF 2012: Brett Monro

It would be an understatement to try and convey how much comic books have meant to me throughout my life; they are like home, and eventually, all roads lead back. 2012 was a bit of a watershed year for me, it brought a renewed sense of enthusiasm, as well, of collection. It looks to have

Review: MONDO #2

MONDO #2 Written by Ted McKeever Art by Ted McKeever Release Date: May 9, 2012 Ted McKeever’s Mondo is a book that is not easily explained. Every time you think you have a handle on what is going on, he takes you down a different path, that no one in their right minds would expect.