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Ten Tweets Thursday with @TheIllumiNerdi

Ten Tweets Thursday with @TheIllumiNerdi

The Illumi-Nerdi are coming for you….they are all around us, watching from the shadows….The guys actually aren’t creepy, but they are writing a comic! Shepherd will be their new title and Brian J. Harris & Phillip Butehorn prepared themselves by taking on the Ten Tweets! #1 What is the first comic you remember reading? PB:

Interview: The Illumi-Nerdi Take Readers “Behind the Writing”

Brian J. Harris and Phillip Butehorn are ready to take you behind the writing as they create a new comic series. At their blog, The Illumi-Nerdi, Harris and Butehorn are looking for readers to get involved and help them with decisions as they craft the new book. Harris and Butehorn sat down with Comicosity to