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Let Our Voices Ring: Blackness in the Comics Industry

Let Our Voices Ring: Blackness in the Comics Industry

In honor of Black History Month, I wanted to focus in on the Blackness of the comics industry. As of late, we’re getting stories and events that are both socially relevant and a direct mirror of what’s happening outside. From Nighthawk fighting corrupt Chicago policemen to Captain America: Sam Wilson (as he’s now known) defending

Nevertheless, She Persisted: 20 Women Standing the Test of Time

She was warned. She was given an explanation. Nevertheless, she persisted. Without even realizing it, one U.S. Senator took words meant to be condescendingly sexist and dismissively racist, and produced an apt and concise definition of feminism for the entire country to see. Far be it from us, particularly in this month honoring Black History

Interview: Steve Orlando Assembles the JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA [Part Two]

Earlier this week, we spoke with writer Steve Orlando about building the roster of the new Justice League of America, starting off with Atom and Vixen. Today we’re back to finish up discussion on the new Fab Four with insight from Orlando on The Ray and Killer Frost, both scheduled to debut Rebirth specials in


  JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA: VIXEN REBIRTH #1 Written by Steve Orlando, Jody Houser Art by Jamal Campbell, Clayton Cowles Published by DC Comics Release Date: January 11, 2017 I’ve been a Vixen fan since I first met her in the 1984 Justice League of America Annual #2. It wasn’t until a few years later

Interview: Steve Orlando Assembles the JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA [Part One]

In the wake of this month’s Justice League vs. Suicide Squad event comes a brand new Justice League of America — and to get us there, DC Comics is spending the month reintroducing us to their newest members: The Atom, Vixen, The Ray, and Killer Frost. And at the center of the ongoing series and

First 4 Members of the JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA Revealed!

The JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA is back—just when we need it most! Foes of evil! Enemies of injustice! As it began in DC UNIVERSE: REBIRTH, for the mighty heroes of the Justice League of America, all wrongdoing is a menace to be stamped out! Whether it comes from outer space, from the watery depths of the seven seas,

Representation and Health 101: VIXEN Mari McCabe

Merry Sunday and thanks for tuning in to another Representation and Health Black History Spectacular! I’ve covered another major Black woman for DC Comics earlier this month, and today I’m going to highlight another who has the hearts of many fans. Known to many for her appearance in the Justice League Unlimited animated series and

LGBT Visibility: Trans-Modification

Back in July, our dear senior editor Matt Santori spoke about the recent changes to major characters in DC and Marvel comics. A woman shall wield Mjölnir and be known as Thor. The first African American superhero Falcon will be succeeding Steve Rogers as Captain America. The mantle of Ms. Marvel now belongs to a