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TRANSMET: Human Reaction and Criminal Enterprise #2

TRANSMET: Human Reaction and Criminal Enterprise #2

Once re-established in The City, Spider finds his first story opportunity in Fred Christ, a former record producer who’s found a new purpose in life by leading a cult of people turning themselves into aliens. There probably isn’t another single issue that sums up the hit or miss nature of Transmetropolitan’s political allegory, which has

TRANSMET: Human Reaction and Criminal Enterprise #1

The sand is always shifting under my feet. The tides are broadly predictable on an ordinary day, but there aren’t many ordinary days.” – Warren Ellis, The Littoral Space What first struck me upon re-opening Transmetropolitan with an eye towards doing an examination like this is its density. I first thought about running this on

TRANSMET: Human Reaction and Criminal Enterprise #0

Welcome to TransMet — the weekly column from Emma Houxbois that deigns to read and analyze Warren Ellis and Darick Robertson’s Vertigo Comics series Transmetropolitan, one issue a week for a year. A year that just happens to begin with Donald Trump’s US presidency and ends with… well, I guess we’ll see.   Power does what

Warren Ellis to Revive WILDSTORM Imprint At DC

BURBANK, CA (October 4, 2016) – DC announced today that New York Times best-selling writer Warren Ellis (TRANSMETROPOLITAN, RED, THE AUTHORITY) will be the curator of a new pop-up imprint, known simply as “WildStorm.” Following the success of DC’s Young Animal, this new imprint will debut mid-February 2017 with a regular monthly comic titled THE